Asian Economic Policy Review

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2023/7182Higher Education in Asia
2023/1181Inequality, Social Justice and Welfare
2022/7172Digital Finance in Asia
2022/ 1171The COVID-19 Pandemic and Asia
2021/ 7162The Post-Abenomics Japanese Economy
2021/ 1161Energy and the Environment
2020/ 7152Economic Reform in South East Asia
2020/ 1151Trade Wars
2019/ 7142North Korea
2019/ 1141India
2018/ 7132Changing Global Financial and Trading Systems
2018/ 1131Japan: Evaluation of Abenomics
2017/ 7122China’s Financial System
2017/ 1121Labor, Health and Education in Asia – Analysis of Micro Data
2016/ 7112Connectivity and Infrastructure
2016/ 1111The Economics of Sports in Asia
2015/ 7102Social Security in Aging Asia
2015/ 1101Innovation in East Asia
2014/ 792China’s Impact on the Rest of the World
2014/ 191Persistent Deflation and Monetary Policy
2013/1282Japan at the Crossroads
2013/ 681ASEAN’s New Frontiers
2012/1272Fiscal Policy and Sovereign Debt
2012/ 671Korea in Transition
2011/1262Developments in Asian Finance
2011/ 661ASEAN Economy: Diversity, Disparities and Dynamics
2010/1252Asia Reshaping the Global Economic Order
2010/ 651The Environment and Climate Change
2009/1242The United States and East Asia
2009/ 641Demographic Change and Asian Dynamics
2008/1232New India
2008/ 631Growing Inequalities
2007/1222Japan: Where to from here?
2007/ 621Ten Years After the Asian Crisis: What Have We Leaned or Not Learned?
2006/1212Regional Integration in East Asia
2006/ 611The Rise of China: Its Impacts on Asia and the World